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The benefits of using 3D rendering as a sales, prototyping and marketing tool.

How often do you step into a client meeting with a fabulous presentation on all the ways you can assist your client with a product or service, take them through your process and thinking but still wish you were able to show them exactly how it looks in your mind in a picture form?

3D renders are becoming more and more prevalent as a communication tool in doing business and no longer only applies to architecture, engineering and interior design fields.

3D rendering and animation has come a long way over the past decade and has become a relatively inexpensive way to showcase your ideas. It has proven as a useful tool in product design and prototyping, event layout design, interior decorating and can often be used as a successful alternative to hand-built, time-consuming physical project models. It is also a much faster way of producing visual imagery and is able to show various different angles of the product/ space simply by setting up a different camera view without needing to redraw the model.

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Whether for a physical space, event or product, 3D renders create an expectation of how the end result should look

3D rendering has proven to be highly beneficial in that it:

Helps manage expectations

Both yours and your client’s. By providing a clear picture of the 3D space/ product, your client is given the ability to visually understand exactly what you are selling and helps with accountability should there be a discrepancy on either party’s side later on.

Eliminates language barriers

With international clients or client’s that are not fluent in your language, a 3D render helps act as a translation tool to keep all parties on the same level of understanding.

Gives your client a true feeling of the event/ product

A well-executed 3D render can come pretty close to a photo-realistic representation and offer a great way for the client to visually experience the intended end result.

Helps you save money on prototyping

Whether for a physical space, event or product, 3D renders create an expectation of how the end result should look, keeping all people involved in the production side on the same page from the very beginning.

Relatively easy/ quick to change colours and textures

Once your model is set up in a 3D program, it is relatively simple to provide an alternative look without redesigning/ redrawing the whole model. This becomes super handy when your client would like to see an alternative texture, colour, lighting or scene for the space/ product. There is also an opportunity to view the model/ space from various different angles which can be huge time and cost saver.  


3D rendering as a marketing tool has proven highly successful for a number of businesses on a global scale. Companies such as NASA, for example, use 3D rendering technology to promote their organization by creating 3D imagery of their recent developments which can often be complicated to explain verbally.  

The use of 3D rendering can essentially be tailored to fit the needs of almost any organization to provide a realistic representation of the company’s goals, objectives, products and services and can be highly beneficial in both internal strategy and client presentations and allows for a much greater level of input and understanding of the project’s end aim.


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