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It is our role as interior designers to research systems and technologies to help our clients and their customers stay safe

As we move through the next few months and the further uncertainty to surely follow, Cooked Studio are ready and armed to help you and your business in navigating the New Normal.
Interior design is so much more than the luxurious aesthetic. It’s the consideration of how people move within a space, how they interact with each other in that space, how they feel in that space and ultimately the experience of connecting with a brand or service is all determined by interior design.
It surely has been an interesting time, and what we have learned through regular conversations with our clients is that everyone has a different approach to what comes next.
The only thing we are sure of at Cooked is that we all need to start planning for the next stage of normal.
Now, more than ever, interior design plays a significant role in not just the experience of a space but how imperative design considerations will help keep you and your customers safe as we move forward.
Through extensive research and innovative solutions we are pushing the bounds of interior design to help keep you, your staff, and your customers safer.

…Now more than ever, we need to focus not on what we have done in the past, but how we can use our skills as problem-solvers for the future …

Implementing Socially- Safe Design

Disease Mitigating Design

Innovative Design Solutions for safe socializing.


o Bespoke space planning solutions for safe social distancing while maintaining the experience of your brand, with the ability to adapt at a later stage for larger gatherings

o Virtual consultations for a safe working relationship

o Creative, solution-based design services to help you navigate and optimize your        space while considering disease transmission prevention

o Using interior design to combine our virtual and physical environments

o Universal cues to assist in creating comfortable social barriers without being distracting, obvious or unapproachable.

Adapting your current space to reduce pathogen transmission.

o Helping you replace/ treat existing surfaces with antimicrobial materials and providing technical drawings for costing and installation

o PPE sourcing and installation with an ergonomic centric focus – i.e. how will          people move around in your space, are we physically positioning PPE in the best way to mitigate disease transmission?

o Council drawings to accommodate new health & safety regulations

o Lighting design solutions such as UV/ UVC lighting for air decontamination

o Sourcing and installation of sneeze guards and clear PVC roller hygiene screens

o Connecting you with suppliers specializing in air filtration systems for clean air

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